What we do

PLASTkomponenter Sverige AB is a professional plastic components contractor working to the highest quality of manufacturing and materials. We also provide plastic semi-finished products on request. We work together with customers from many different industries, and we are everywhere where there is a need for different types of plastic machine components.



Our CNC lathes and milling machines are at your disposal to produce plastic components to your exact specifications.



Our standard range includes PTFE hose, PTFE coated glass fabric, PTFE seal tape, PTFE grease, O-rings.



We provide semi-finished products in various plastics such as PTFE, PVDF, PCTFE, POM, PA, PE, PP etc. We supply any required documentation.

Material choice

Material choice

Choosing which plastic to use can be difficult. A good first step is to use the Materials Pyramid.

Focus Industries

Below is a selection of the industries we focus on. We manufacture to exact customer specifications according to your designs.
We use High-Tech plastics that handle higher temperatures and chemicals.
This group includes PTFE, PCTFE, PEEK, PVDF and structural plastics such as POM, PA, PE, PP, etc.

Food Industry

Plastic should be approved when used for processing or handling food to ensure that they are not toxic and affect human health.

Medicine & Chemicals Industry

Plastics used within medical and chemical engineering may need to cope with autoclaving and sterilization, they must bear chemicals and be dimensionally stable. They must also be approved for food as they can might come into contact with people.

Automotive Industry

We are currently investigating weightreducing materials for the automotive industry. Many components in vehicle machinery and interiors are made of plastic. This requires plastic materials that are dimensionally stable, wear and strain resistant.

Offshore Industry

Plastic components at sea require good planning and fast delivery. The offshore industry uses many blow-holes, hydraulics and pneumatics.

Special Purpose Machine Manufacturing

Plastics used in the mechanical industry often need to handle long abrasion, high load and low friction coefficient. For example, you can achieve lower weight in one moment, lower noise level and corrosion resistance when using plastics as machine components.

Service/Maintenance Technologies

We manufacture spare parts for different industries on a daily basis. We machineprocess the plastic components you need. We have other products in our range, such as PTFE coated glass fabric, PTFE flange seal, and PTFE hose.